Chances (1998)

a musical comedy
Music, lyrics and book by Matthew Quayle

Duration: 60’

Premiered by the Oberlin Musical Theater Association on November 19, 1998, in Wilder Hall, Oberlin College. Recorded in December 1998. Additional performance by students of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in 2001.

...Quayle should be genuinely applauded for his incredible musical and lyrical composition skills. It is difficult for an Oberlin student to not feel under-accomplished in comparison to Quayle’s assertions of talent and enthusiasm. Quayle sharpens the edge of theater by combining traditional musical theater with classical opera in a similiar way that the once-revolutionary Tommy meshes rock and opera.

A large part of the appeal to Chances is the very fact that it cannot be categorized. The play’s unfoldings are not predictable, in that Chances style is practically unprecedented. Quayle defies the exasperation invoked by frequent reincarnations of classical and canonized works of theater and exemplifies the talent with which Oberlin is credited.
— Rumaan Alam and Alisa Heiman, The Oberlin Review